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  • After you pick your pokemon save the game and turn it off. When you turn it back on fight gary for the first time andit will work properly. Change the xx’s to a number from the list. Pick your starting PokeMon from the 3 balls at the start of the game.
  • 👍 Download hack: HOW TO USE:1 — Download file, drop it on your desktop and run2- Open the file3 — Wait and Enjoy!Play care.

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Strategy GuideGet to Battle Frontier

To get to the Battle Frontier, you must defeat the Elite Four with Pokemon only with your I.D. number. After you defeat them, you will get a ticket from your father to get to the Battle Frontier. The Battle Frontier is another region with fourteen more badges to collect. Additionally, there are seven gyms in the Battle Frontier. The seven gyms are the Battle Tube, Battle Dome, Battle Factory, Battle Arena, Battle Palace, Battle Pyramid, and Battle Tower. Each gym has two badges to collect.

Get to Sooptopolis

To get into this city you must dive underwater. Look for this city on your Pokenav. When you get close to Sooptopolis, dive.

Get to Southern Island

Southern Island is where you get the opposite bird. If you chose Latios, you will find Latias here and vice versa. You need the Eon Ticket to have access to this island.

Johto starters

When you complete the full 202 Pokemon of Hoenn, Professor Birch will call you on your Pokenav and say that he wants to give you a surprise. You can now choose one of the three Johto starters (Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile).

Original starters

Win the Battle Frontier completely (Gold and Silver) and talk to Birch. He will give you one of your choice.

Mystery Gift option

Enter any Pokemon Mart and go to the clipboard that is by the shop keeper on the counter. Take the survey and enter in the words ‘LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL’. The man will then alert you that you can now have access to the Mystery Gift option, after saving. To make it easier to find the word you are looking for, press Select, which will take you to A-Z mode, then select the a letter to bring up a list of words, beginning with the first letter of the word that it begins with.


Because Wallace is the champion, you must fight Steven. Steven is inside Meteor Falls. When you enter, go up the waterfall and into the door. Next, go down the ladder, then go to the ladder in the south. Then, go inside the nearby door. Steven should be to the right. Note: If you are going to battle him, you can defeat him with Water, Ice (for Cradily), and Fire types for most of his Pokemon. He has Pokemon over level 70. After you defeat him, go to his house in Mossdeep to get the Beldum.


Defeat the rival team at the Weather Institute.


Like previous games, Deoxys has its own form in this game. It is the Speed form. It can only be found on Birth Island. The Aurora Ticket is required.


You can catch Ditto, but only after you defeat the Elite Four. Go to the Desert Underpass. It is only in the middle.


Go back to the weather institute. Talk to the man again. He will tell you where Groudon is found. You might need HM03 Surf. Go to the route where he is and go inside. You will find Groudon in the Terra cave.

Ho-oh and Lugia

Get the Mystic Ticket, then go to Navel Island.


To get Jirachi, you need a GameCube and the pre-order version of Pokemon Colosseum. Then, trade it to Pokemon Emerald.


Defeat the Elite Four, then go back to the weather institute. This is where you got Castform. Go upstairs to a researcher who studies patters of weather. He will tell you where Kyogre is found. You need HM03 Surf and HM07 Dive. Surf on the route you are supposed to until you find a location to dive. Once you get to Kyogre in the Marine cave, get in front of him. Use Net Balls on him.

Latios or Latias

After defeating the Elite Four, watch the television downstairs in your house. Mix your records with a Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire with the Eon Ticket. Then, go to Southern Island.


Go in the building to the left of the Battle Tower. Give the woman a Skitty and she will give you a Meowith with Retro Mail. The higher the level of your Skitty, the better the Meowith, which means you can get Persian faster.


The only way to get Mew in the game is by getting the Old Sea Chart. This is an item that is only available through a special event outside the game.


Go to Sky Pillar. When Groudon and Kyogre are fighting, he wakes up and stops the fight. Once you have done that, go back to Sky Pillar to find Rayquaza. You can get to Sky Pillar by going to Pacifidlog Town. Go right until you see a crack in the sea. Go into it. Note: Use a Master Ball on it.


The cave of Regice is northwest of Dewford island. There is Braille in the back of the cave of Regice. The statement reads ‘Stay close to the wall. Run around the lap.’ You must run around the room once while staying close to the wall. Once you reach the middle of the Braille again, the door will open and the battle with the icy titan will begin when you go through the door and press A next to it.


To find the cave of the rock titan Regirock, you must have the Go-Goggles so that you may enter the desert. Once in the desert, go south to the bottom and enter the cave. In the back you will see the Braille in the back. Go to the back of the room and read it. The message translated reads ‘Left, Left, Down, Down. Then use Rock Smash.’ From the middle of the Braille on the wall move left, left, down, and down. Go with a Pokemon that knows Rock Smash and use it. The cave door will open. Save the game, then start the battle with Regirock. Note: Bring a lot of Ultra Balls.


To find the cave of Registeel, go to Lilycove City. Go west through the grass and trainers. When you reach the area of the Safari Zone, keep moving. You will reach a place with a girl. Just above her are stairs. You must go up. Go through the very tall grass and go up the stairs behind it. The cave will not be too far after the stairs. Once inside, read the Braille at the back of the room. It reads ‘Those who inherit our will, shine in the middle.’ The riddle means that you should go to the middle of the room and use Flash. The cave door will open. Be careful with Registeel. This Pokemon is more difficult than the others to capture. Try bringing a lot of Ultra Balls or prolong the battle as long as you can by freezing it or putting it to sleep. After many turns the Timer Ball will have gained a lot of strength, and it might work against the Registeel.


Once you have defeated the Elite Four with all Pokemon with your ID code, you can go to the Battle Frontier. Once here, go to the southeastern-most side of the area. There should be a tree that looks odd. Use the Wailmer Pail to water it. Soodoo Woodoo should attack. Catch it, run, or kill it. Then, use Surf on the water where Soodoo Woodoo was located. Go down the waterfall and go to the left. There should be a cave. In the cave is a Smargle. It knows one attack, Sketch. Sketch allows it to copy the last move that someone uses against it. Once you have obtained one move for Smargle, go to the move tutor and teach him Sketch again. Then, go to a double battle and use Smargle and the Pokemon that has the move you want him to learn. He can learn anything mine knows Strength, Hyper Beam, Outrage, and Thunder. repeat the step with the move tutor and he can learn any move.


Defeat the Elite Four, then go into your house. Talk to your dad and he will give you the S.S Ticket. Go to the boat in Saltport City and select the battle port choice. Next, go to the waterfall. There is a tree. Use Water Pail on it. Note: To get Water Pail, go to Rushmore City, go straight down, and there is a little berry store. Go in it and talk to one of the people. They will give you Water Pail.

Missing Pokemon

The following Pokemon are not found in the game: Surskit, Masquerain, Meditite, Medicham, Zangoose, Lunatone, and Roselia.

Artisian Cave and Smeargle

After catching Sudowoodo, surf down the waterfall and go left. Look for the cave entrance. This is the secret location of Smeargle.

Belue Berry

Go to the Berry Master’s House and talk to his wife. Tell her ‘SUPER HUSTLE’.

Claw and Root Fossil

Go into the desert. Go to the Mirage Tower when it appears. Note: You will need the Mach Bike for this because it like Sky Pillar. If you choose any of them, they will get buried. To get the opposite, one go to Route 14 (by Fallabor Town). Go to the Fossil Maniac and go to the cave that he said has collapsed. Then, go in at the end. Note: You can get Ditto there. The Claw or Root Fossil will be there. Additionally, go to the desert between Falabor and Lavaridge Town. Find Mirrage Tower and enter it with the Mach Bike. Go up and get past the cracks with the Mach Bike. At the top, you will find two fossils. Do not bother thinking about which one to choose, because you will eventually also get the other one. Once you take a fossil, go to Fallabor Town. Go left to find the Fossil Maniac’s house. Go to the back, and head towards the cave. Once in the cave, go up two steps, get on your bike, then move straight to the right. You will eventually reach the other fossil. You can also find Ditto, Wishmur, and Loudred in that cave. Note: Get your fossils regenerated by a scientist on the second floor of Devon Corp.

Durin Berry

Go to the Berry Master’s House and talk to his wife. Tell her ‘COOL LATIOS’.

Gold Shield

Win 100 battles in the Battle Frontier. Then, talk to Scott at his house in the Battle Frontier.

Lansat Berry

Collect all Silver Frontier Symbols in the Battle Frontier. Then, talk to Scott at his house in the Battle Frontier.

Magma Symbol

To get the Magma Symbol (which is required to get to the Team Magma Base), you must go to Mt. Pyre after you defeat Team Aqua in the cove next to Lilycove City.

Master Ball

Go to Lilycove City. Then, surf to Team Aqua’s base. Keep walking around and you will see a room with four items. Try all the teleporters until you get to that room. The item on the top left is a Master Ball.

National Dex

Immediately after you defeat the Elite Four, you will go to Professor Birch. He will give the National Dex to you.

Pamtre Berry

Go to the Berry Master’s House and talk to his wife. Tell her ‘CHALLENGE CONTEST’.

Pokemon Diploma

Catch all 202 Pokemon in the Pokedex, then talk to the Game Designer at the hotel in Lilycove City.

Pokemon Virus

To get the Pokemon Virus, go to Route 117 and battle until you think you have it . Then, go to Vandaserf’s Pokemon Center and heal. If one of your Pokemon have it, after you heal a new message should appear. If you happen to get this rare disease it should make your Pokemon grow better. This virus is very contagious and can spread quickly. Note: This virus does not hurt your Pokemon. It should last about two days. After it has worn off, it will leave a small dot beside the Pokeball that you caught it with.

Silver Shield

Win 50 battles in the Battle Frontier. Then, talk to Scott at his house in the Battle Frontier.

Spelon Berry

Go to the Berry Master’s House and talk to his wife. Tell her ‘GREAT BATTLE’.

Starf Berry

Collect all Gold Frontier Symbols in the Battle Frontier. Then, talk to Scott at his house in the Battle Frontier.

Watmel Berry

Go to the Berry Master’s House and talk to his wife. Tell her ‘OVERWHELMING LATIAS’.

Berry Fix

At the screen with the glowing Rayquaza, press Down + Select + B. You can now use the Berry Fix with Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire.

Land Cave

Land Cave is a cave found by the shore after defeating the Elite Four. The legendary Groundon thrives in the Land Cave. It is on Routes 105, 125, 127, or 129. You must go to the Weather Center. He will tell you where Groundon is located. However if you take too long finding it, it will move on.

Sea Cave

Sea Cave is a cave found underwater after defeating the Elite four. The legendary Kyogre thrives in the Sea Cave. It is on Routes 105, 125, 127, or 129. You must go to the Weather Center. He will tell you where Kyogre is located. However, if you take too long finding it, it will move on.

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Opening the Regis caves

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You must first get Waillord and Relicanth. Then, go to Pacifidlog City. Go left into the currents. You will see a square in the water. Dive down then go into the cave. Get to the end of the cave. You will see Braille on the wall. While in front of the Braille, dive up. You will be in a cave. Go to the end of the wall and use Dig to enter the next room. You must have Waillord first in your party and Relicanth last. Then, read the Braille. The ground will shake and the caves will now be open. One is in the desert and the other is in the water in near Deleford Town.

Safari Zone

The Safari Zone is the same as the one in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The only difference is that after you defeat the Elite Four, two more areas appear full of Johto Pokemon that you could not get in any other games (besides Pokemon Colosseum).

How To Open In Game Cheat Box Pokemon Reduce

Team Magma’s hideout

To get to Team Magma’s hideout, you must first get the Magma Emblem. Then, go to Mt. Pyre. Go through jagged pass until the screen shakes, and an opening will appear. This is where Team Magma’s hideout is located. Note: Do not go to Team Aqua’s hideout first.

Water Institute

The Water Institute is where you received Castform from that building.

Blue or Red Tent for secret base

Go to Route 110. Go to the Trick Master’s house and complete every challenge. This requires Cut and Strength HM. After that, he will say he that needs to travel. He will give you a Red Tent or Blue Tent.

Stronger Rollout move

When you have a Pokemon with Rollout, using the move Defense Curl before using Rollout will boost the attack of Rollout by X1. For example, Marill will learn Defense Curl at level 3, then will learn Rollout at level 15.

Gender change

During a Multi Battle at Battle Tower, pay attention to your ally’s Pokemon. Occasionally, your partner’s Pokemon will change genders between battles.

Easy experience

Attach EXP Share. Put the Pokemon you want to gain experience in front of party, then fight someone. When the battle starts, switch it out for a better Pokemon. Additionally, at the start of the game, train your starter in the grasses from Littleroot Town to where you fight your rival for your first time.

Fight the Elite Four three times a day. Fight all of the trainers that have a Poke thing next to their name. Fight all of the gym leaders again.

Defeating the Pike Queen

The Battle Pike is at the Siviper by the Pokemon Center on the left. When you defeat it at open level or level 50, the lady who tells you directions will say that a horrible fate is about to befall you. When you go into a room. she might heal one or two of your Pokemon. You will then battle the Pike Queen. Note: She will have Siviper, Shuckle and Milotic. Try using a Psychic Pokemon such as Alakazam, with Psychic and Thunderpunch. Additionally, get a Houndoom at level 50 give it the moves Flamethrower, Taunt, Double-Edge, and Faint attack. Then, get a Ampharos with Thunderbolt, Strength, Mega Punch, and Dynamic Punch. Get a Quassire with Surf, Earthquake, Ice Beam, and Slam. All the first forms of the three Pokemon are found in the Safari Zone after the Pokemon League. First, use Houndoom’s Flamethrower two times on Seviper. Be wary of Seviper’s move Swagger. Then, switch Houndoom with Ampharos, because the next pokemon is Milotic (a Water type). Use Thunderbolt until it faints. Her last Pokemon is Shuckle. The Pokemon has no attack moves. It has Rest and Toxic. Bring out Houndoom and first use Taunt and Flamethrower. Use Taunt after Flamethrower, then repeat that in a pattern until it faints. If you use Taunt, Shuckle uses Struggle. You will then probably get the Luck Symbol.

Defeating the Elite Four

Take a normal level Pokemon with a one hit K.O. move and a lock on move. Also have a large number of Ethers and Max Potions. Just lock on and attack for and easy K.O.

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